About Greater Generations

Revitalizing community and developing youth.

Greater Generations is a non-profit in Toledo, Ohio. More importantly, it’s mission is to provide youth development and community revitalization in Lucas County, Ohio.

A community’s youth is its future because today’s children grow to be tomorrow’s leaders. So Greater Generation’s youth development programs aim to lower criminal influence on youth and their families. It supports at-risk youth and encourages their success. This is why Greater Generation’s programs address problem’s young teens face.

Working to value community and build trust.

Certainly, the support of community partners, institutions, and advocates is extremely important for youth and community development. Additionally, open communication builds trust. Greater Generations teaches community values. As a result, these values build an internal support system unique to this organization. As a result, a shared appreciation and respect for community ensures growth.

Providing opportunity and overcoming obstacles.

Today’s youth obviously face obstacles that differ from the past. Therefore, programs like the Youth Housing Program and Teen Transportation Program were created. These programs are designed to help teenagers cope with new responsibilities. By providing a means to meet these demands, we encourage teens to reach their potential.

Servicing community and providing jobs.

Similarly, a community’s pride starts with individuals. Subsequently, working within neighborhoods and servicing community is integral to building self respect. The Outdoor Maintenance Program gives young teens a chance to earn money by servicing their neighborhoods. This will build recognition and encourage proud communities.

Make a difference.

Donations of any kind are accepted and graciously appreciated. By supporting our organization, we can support our community.

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